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Part of the TradeDigitization.com Programme

Blockchains.Business is part of the TradeDigitization.com Programme, which comprises of the TRADE GATEWAYS Network of over 300 Digital Trade Gateways, and the e-Debit Programme. Blockchains.Business can be accessed across the TRADE GATEWAYS Network.

TRADE GATEWAYS co-operates with B2B Marketplaces with millions of subscribers...

With the emergence of Blockchain technologies, new means of values exchange have developed, particularly with Tokenization and the Digitization of Trade. This can provide huge cost and time savings, and make trade much more efficient.

The Internet is entering its third phase, namely Web 3. This enables the ownership verification and transfer of digitized versions of products on blockchain networks such as the TradeDigitization.com Programme.

Web 3 is the Internet of value, Just like companies rushed to get websites for their products in the 1990's, future businesses will need to develop digitized versions of their products. The TradeDigitization.com Programme provides an Infrastructure for Trade Digitization across Web 3 Gateways

The Internet has undergone massive changes in the last five years which has led to the emergence of Web 3. Features of Web 3 include distributed ledgers, NFTs, and cross-platform metaverses, which have become all the rage. Web 3 Gateways provide access to Web 3 products and services. Web 3 is changing the Internet, and will greatly facilitate Trade.

TradeDigitization.com has an advantage that no other company in this space have, namely a global TRADE GATEWAYS network. TradeDigitization.com is now implementing a Web 3 Gateways network, to complement the TRADE GATEWAYS network. and act as a hub for Web3 products and services

Blockchains are at the core of Web 3. Blockchains.Business is the prime internet location for Blockchains Business, and features TradeDigitization.com's lead partner, IBM, who are the global leaders of Blockchain. Other major partners will be featured in Web 3 Gateways in the TradeDigitization.com Programme.

Web 3 is the future of the Internet. Featuring Blockchains.Business within the TradeDigitization.com Programme, is of of significant value to users of the TradeDigitization.com Programme, and will assist with the adoption of Web 3....

About The IBM Blockchain Platform

IBM's enterprise-ready platform: The IBM Blockchain Platform

The IBM Blockchain Platform is a blockchain offered in two ways: either software-as-a-service offering on the IBM Cloud or via software to be deployed on any Kuberenetes cluster v1.17 or higher. It's the only fully integrated, enterprise-ready blockchain platform that's designed to simplify the development, governance, and operation of a decentralized, multi-institution, multi-cloud business network. The IBM Blockchain Platform accelerates collaboration in this decentralized world by leveraging open source technology from the Hyperledger Fabric framework.

The IBM Blockchain Platform makes it fast and easy for network members to start developing and quickly move to a collaborative environment with the performance, privacy, and security for even the most demanding use cases and regulated industries.

Start small and grow

The IBM Blockchain Platform allows you to deploy only what you need and dynamically add to your environment; you can alter the resources (CPU/Memory/Storage) on the individual nodes, or you can add more nodes in and of themselves. You can migrate from proof-of-concept to pilot to production on a secure, high-performance, and fully scalable network that you can’t outgrow.

The newest options give you the flexibility to bring your own infrastructure and deploy anywhere. This means deploy on-prem, or another hosting provider, while connecting your blockchain nodes and members together to transact. All this with the same look, feel and easy to use tooling that the IBM Blockchain Platform provides.

The platform is designed to be an easy and economical on-ramp to developing and testing pre-production applications through growing production ecosystems.

IBM Blockchain Platform overview


  • Ability to deploy on any cloud or in your own private cloud
  • Single-node deployment enables more granular control
  • Management of your infrastructure and sole access to private keys
  • Dev-to-test in a single instance helps shorten time to market
  • Operate and govern
  • Unlimited use cases, channels, and configurations in a single instance enable flexibile network configurations
  • Identities, ledgers, and smart contracts allow for better control and ownership
  • Current Hyperledger Fabric capabilities offer the benefits of more up-to-date technology


  • Ability to connect a single peer to multiple ordering services enables flexible network configurations
  • Infrastructure via IBM Kubernetes Service allows for better control and ownership
  • Flexible pricing allows you to start small and pay as you grow for what you use with no up-front investment