Our partners include Cloud Service Providers, Cloud Access Providers, and partners with whom we co-operate in Operational partnerships with a Blockchain element.

A cloud service provider is a third-party company offering a cloud-based platform, infrastructure, application, or storage services. Much like a homeowner would pay for a utility such as electricity or gas, companies typically have to pay only for the amount of cloud services they use.

Blockchains.Business operates as an IBM partner by providing routes to access the IBM Blockchain Platform through sites on the Blockchains.Business network. The IBM Blockchain Platform is a flexible software-as-a-service offering that is delivered via the IBM Cloud.

Blockchains.Business operates regional Trade sites as a BT partner by channelling users of regional Trade sites that it operates, to BT Local Business shops where they can arrange to directly access IBM Cloud services. This access would be provided to customers via BT Cloud Connect Direct for IBM. With Cloud Connect Direct for IBM, BT customers receive a dedicated, high-performance connection to the IBM Cloud so they can access relevant services. Direct cloud connectivity helps businesses achieve better performance, security and availability compared to connecting over the open internet.

No single company can unlock the potential of blockchain alone. Blockchains.Business Partnership sare innovative, game-changing strategic Operational partnerships with a Blockchain element that is built on the IBM Blockchain Platform. Blockchains.Business Partnership sare a new business model building Ecosystems whereby participants can receive guidance and support to help them enjoy the benefits of Blockchain without the steep learning curve that might otherwise be entailed. Blockchains.Business Partnership sare operated with partners with the relevant experience and expertise in their industry